Thank you to our dear customers for all the support, it’s what keeps us going! Tell us what you think of Huz Tats by imming Hunain Bellic and you might see your testimonial on this page!

    Zak Escher“HUZ-TATS has really cool looking, unique tattoo designs. The owner, Hunain Bellic, is very customer oriented and has contacted me on several occasions to personally thank me for buying tattoos from his store.” Zak Escher (Shape Designer for PEER)

    Khaiko Nyoki“I have like hummm.. 5 tattoos from him… I love his work.. If you want variety and originality he is your guy.. I often can just put the top and dont wear the bottom part or the opposite without seeing that there is a part missing.. I love it!” Khaiko Nyoki

    Joel Ra“I was impressed the moment i first went there, very well made and original designs by Hunain bellic. I especially love the Rosary tat at the moment. Thanks to Georgie for telling me about Huz-Tats :D” Joel Ra


One Response to “Testimonials”

  1. I’ve seen many styles of tattoo’s before in sl, but one thing I love about this guy is there are no seams on his body tattoos unlike others I have seen.

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